Violence against children and adolescents-what do they learn from this?

In recent weeks much has been reported about how many children  and adolescents have been either violated sexually or have been found dead. What is happening to the society? Much has been reported about these crimes even though the perpetrators have not often been named. Only today there was a report in the media that a pastor was found in a compromising position with a pastor. Now how can citizens of this country take more precautions to protect their family members and others within their communities? Since parents and guardians cannot always be near to their children how can they be more vigilant in caring for them?

How your family can be protected from violence

  1. Well, can family members take turns in transporting or accompanying their young family members when the risks are high? It is indeed a new era. Some will say, in their days no one would harm a child or adolescent, but times have changed. The population has increased and mental illnesses are now more often diagnosed because of the awareness and trained personnel who are available to assist with their care. Still the danger lurks in almost every community. Never before have we heard of so many assaults on children and adolescents.
  2. Children and adolescents are learning that the world is generally unsafe. So, often they may try to avoid lonely places especially when the lighting, either natural or artificial lighting becomes unavailable. That does not suggest that there is complete safety when lighting is adequate. Crimes are now committed  in what many consider to be ‘broad day light.’ Yes crimes are committed with many onlookers either standing around helplessly or as some would say, minding their own business. There is a certain apathy that exists in many places today especially in parts of the world where crimes are commonplace. Thanks to conscious civic minded individuals help often comes to those who are in serious danger.

As I listen to the evening news, I am hearing that children and adolescents are left to fend for themselves. Often parents are too busy engaging in their own activities to provide sufficient guidance to their children. As the economy becomes more difficult to traverse, more children and adolescents are further at risk as parents sometimes send them to seek ways of earning on the streets. This poses numerous dangers to these children. Some are sometimes assaulted and others killed. It is time that adults become more responsible for the care of their young. They need to be able to provide some protection for them or seek help from different agencies such as those involved in religious social activities.



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