Status of education in a selected number of Caribbean countries

Have you every thought about how the Caribbean has progressed in terms of it’s educational achievements? In some of the larger islands including Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago as well as Barbados there have been some improvements. Reports from the media indicate that in some subject areas like English and Mathematics there have been increases in the number of passes as well as the grades achieved. However there is still a long way to go in order to involve more persons.

How will this post help to improve the situation? Awareness of the need as well as the knowledge, attitude and actions are needed to make changes is where we need to start. So how do we bring about a positive difference in the face of several models of change that have been proposed? How do we get the parents, communities and schools to buy into this program. Do we call town hall meetings, provide radio, television and newspaper messages? Well, a multi-modal approach is needed. The summer holidays are almost over so it is time to start concentrating on providing access for all. There are many events which are being held in preparation for back to school sales and promotional items which are being given away. All of these forces should be coming together to ensure that nutritional needs and health issues are dealt with before the new school term arrives. In another week or two parents and children will be dealing with school issues which can bring increased stress. Parents it is time to consult with the various entities who can help you sort out issues relating to issues relating to school. What about the youngsters going back to school? The onus is on you to ensure that you pull out all the stops to prevent the odds to prevent failure in school. Talk with your parents, counsellors and other key persons in your school and your community. Be safe and have a fulfilling and successful year.

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