Sexual preferences older women and boys in our Caribbean community

  • As for back as 2004, The Observer reported women raping young boys. The report states that “a lot of people find the issue of male rape funny; because they think that men want to have sex all the time, and all men will have sex with anything and anybody but that is not  true,” One person said men can be very discerning, men can be conservative with their sexual behaviours. Actually men can be very serious with their sexual preferences and their sexual interactions.


  • While there is the issue of older women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s having sex with younger men, Dr. Pusey ( this is a pseudonym)  said that there is also a problem with teenage girls forcing teenage boys into sexual activities, men. The doctor said that there is also a problem with teenage girls forcing teenage boys into sexual activities, while adolescent males are also being raped or sexually abused by adult females.


We always do follow-ups when we get these calls and have these men come in to us,

The doctor explained,  “we have come to the conclusion that we now have to expand our

focus  not only on the little boys — who are very, very important that CISOCA (Centre for

Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse) sees — but also on the various age

groups that we see turning up reporting that they have been raped, because it’s a big deal for

an adult male to say listen this has happened. We will have to tweak our database collection

system, because we realize that the issue of adult male rape is also a problem.

The main reason for having this post is to highlight aspects of our culture which is not well

known by many and the dangers these behaviors present for many segments of our society.

Should the country be addressing these issues based on the laws that states that

adolescents or children below the age of 16 years cannot consent to sexual behaviours?

Should there be some kind of psycho-education to inform adolescents, adults and children

about not only the laws but the physical and psychological consequences that result from

such actions? How do we get people to attend these forums? Should government agencies

be the ones to host these meetings and invite parents and their young people to attend

them? Should there be separate and then joint sessions held on these topics? Should the

government agencies be the ones to arrange and engage children in such discussions?


This post should help to address the problem in bringing an awareness and sensitivity to the

issue. It should pave the way to get competent help for these persons involved. Maybe the

government agencies are unwilling to take on these tasks, but can they help to finance this

project by giving tax incentives to companies that would be willing to sponsor workshops and

classes dealing with these topics. Maybe some of the services could be offered in health

centers and hospitals as seminars. There are several educators who are trained to handle

these issues as well as the medical personnel who can provide support for such

seminars. You will say everyone is overworked but can we ask for volunteers and pay them a

fair amount to cover their costs for hosting these events? I would also suggest that some

legal minds be brought in to speak about the consequences of breaking the laws that relate to

sexual practices. All hands are needed on deck at this time more than ever.


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