It is a new year and schools have re-opened. Did you prepare adequately for this?

Here it comes, the start of a new school year and students have commenced the second term or semester for the 2016 to 2017 school year. Parents are often caught off guard at this time since it seems as if the children just had a holiday and they have not focused on getting them ready for school. Anyway, ensure that children were prepared physically, mentally and emotionally of else it will be difficult to re-orient them to school. How can we continue to prepare the children physically? The fact is dependent on the age of the child, parents will need to be taken for health checks before the school term begins. Has the child received his or her immunizations which are due either based on age or other circumstances that warrant it? The best way to find this out is by checking with the child’s doctor or the health centers in your area. It is expected that professionals offering services will be the best advisers on this topic.

In some countries, Malaria is becoming a renewed threat to all. So both children and their parents need to ensure that you listen to the news and keep up to date to what is happening in your communities as well as countries. The zika virus is now under control in the Caribbean so ensure that you keep your indoor and outdoor surrounding free of  any container which can prove to be a breeding site for mosquitoes. Also, continue to use insect repellants to ward off these insects. Wash your vases every three days and change water if you have these in your houses to rid your surroundings of these pests.

Have you prepared your children in the best way to ward off predators? Over several weeks the media has been highlighting severe abuse of women and children, especially girls. How have you prepared your children and adolescents to stay safe? Maybe you provided lectures to inform them of the dangers lurking in places that were once safe, be it school, church or in transportation or even in church, but is that the best way of helping them? What about setting good examples yourselves as parents, as the saying goes, “it is better to see a lived sermon than hear one.” What does that mean? What training and discipline have you applied in your own lives? How much do you trust adults who are in touch with  your children and adolescents? Do you really listen to your children and provide good examples of living which they would benefit by emulating?

Do you provide your children and adolescents will all their needs so that they will not need to beg or associate closely with those who may harm them? This question is worth noting especially that morally has seen a deep plunge over the decades and its not getting better. It is time to wake up especially if you are a parent or caregiver of children and adolescents.  If you need help in caring for your youths, do not hesitate to seek help from those who have proven as trustworthy and always remember that you are most times responsible of what your child or children prove to be as adults. Need help? There are many sources of information especially books and courses that are offered by institutions within our communities.



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