Dr. Johnson’s holds a PhD. Educational Psychology and a PsyD. in Clinical Psychology.  Her quest to share her knowledge in these areas has led her to reseach and write a book aimed at helping children and youth to deal with the effects of trauma.  She has also written an inspirational book and articles and encourages you, the reader, to document your thoughts on things of interest to you and your publics/community.

Often in the Caribbean, our old books which were world class are lost and not even in our libraries or on Amazon.  Often the remedies our parents use to heal us are loss even to us as we just know she, our mother, our grandmother use to go to the garden and pick something and make it.  In order to positively address this a linked in group – business, project management and life skills writers of the Caribbean was formed.  We encourage you to join it and to go onto the website dedicated to promoting writings of Caribbean authors in business, life skills and project management.

The fact is that from the earliest times of human history records have been kept, etched in clay or stone and later on papyrus leaves. Today there are large collections of books kept in physical libraries as well as virtual spaces in cyber-space. Books have been written on virtually every conceivable topic, which have proven to educate and entertain humanity.

My interest in writing books started years ago during my earliest periods of schooling. But my circumstances led to writing mostly for academic purposes. None of these early works were published but several pieces were shared with others within my school community and others placed in document and university libraries. None of these early writings were done for sale. Then my first book which was written for delivery as a university course was placed and listed in the library of congress in 2006. During this time I felt a commitment to impart my knowledge by writing books, but I never approached the traditional publishing houses, since I thought I could not pay huge sums for publishing and endure waiting for years to get this done. Finally I got the opportunity to learn about on-line publishing and on how that works. This resulted finally in two publications being published online. I am still learning about this process and hope that persons will take the opportunity to purchase copies and benefit from the knowledge and experience I wish to share.

You can buy my book 

(The Biopsychosocial Impact of Trauma on Children and Adolescents: Suggestions for Assessment and Treatment in the Jamaican Context: Trauma, Assessment, Adolescents and Children Paperback – October 1, 2013)

on amazon from this link  Buy on Amazon 

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