Why -Adolescents

Today, adolescents are transitioning from childhood to adulthood, many not knowing how to deal with issues of independence, sexuality, identity and mental health problems such as mood and anxiety disorders.  It is a time a sharing of experience, knowledge, etc.

We need to pay attention to the growth of adolescents

At around the age of eighteen years, children seem to suddenly become grown-ups. But is that really so? We’ll all agree that this is not totally so. But it is often true that some parents and other members of society often fail to notice how children  progress through their early childhood years, moving through the elementary school years and then in and out of high school.

Yes, the years seem to slip by suddenly as your adolescents may be demanding more respect for their views, privacy and independence. Then suddenly parents and other family members but realize that time is limited to try to correct or mold the thoughts and actions of these burgeoning adults. Yes it, true  that they have not yet achieved full physical, mental and emotional maturity.

What do we do to address this issue of adolescents in the Caribbean

Recent research has provided much evidence that risk taking in adolescence is quite normal as this period extends longer than was first thought.  

  1. So, providing total independence to individuals in this age group should not happen suddenly since they are still maturing mentally, emotionally and physically.
  2. Letting go adolescents gently is the best way for them to find their own footing.
  3. Providing guidance is still necessary.
  4. Many adolescents have come to respect that when adults care about them they will share their experiences and wisdom with them. Some adults have lived to regret that they did not heed the guidance offered by significant adults in their lives