Pricing: For all services listed below: First 10 minutes of consultation: Free. For the next 30 minutes: USD $40.00.

Dr Johnson offers a wide range of services to children, adolescents, parents, the extended family and care givers.   Information given is obtained from years of experience, her academic qualifications and ongoing research on problems of the group.  Such research is aimed at documenting symptoms, resulting problems and making recommendations which can reduce the negative impact of these issues and/or resolve them.  She has served on many organizations including the University of the West Indies and so also contributes to recommendations that can be used on a national level to provide support for children and adolescents to help them to deal with their many problems/challenges.

Services Offered and Description of Each

Educational Psychology:

Help with Learning Disorders in particular: Reading disorder, Disorder of written expression, Learning Disorder (NOS).  Career Guidance-help:  in assessment of abilities and personality fit.

Clinical and Counselling/Counseling methods utilized in treatment after assessments and diagnoses:

TF-CBT, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered Child Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Family Centered Therapy, Reality Therapy, Adlerian Therapy, Existential Humanistic Therapy and Play therapy.Assistance to deal with disorders –   See Disorders and Issues for psychotherapy and psycho-education after ruling out medical conditions listed below:

Anxiety Disorders

examples; Panic Disorder-with and without Agoraphobia, Agoraphobia without history of Panic Disorder, specific phobias, for example: Animal type, Natural Environment type, Blood-Injection-Injury type, Situational Type/Other type, Social Phobia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Acute Stress Disorder, Generalized Stress Disorder, Anxiety Disorder due to Medical Conditions, Substance Induced Anxiety Disorder, Anxiety Disorder NOS, Pain Disorder, Eating and Pain Disorders.

Adjustment Disorders, Personality Disorders, Relational Problems, Problems related to Abuse and Neglect.      

 Assistance with Theses and Dissertations from start to finish:

Assistance with Qualitative and Quantitative research:   Writing a winning proposal.

Qualitative Research: Focus on: Choosing a Qualitative Inquiry and Research design type: A Biographical Life History, A Phenomenology, A Grounded Theory Study, An Ethnography, A Case Study and Special help with Research in Education and Data Analysis using selected approaches.

Help with organizing data collection, data analysis and representation and writing the story.