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In my country someone may say: “have mercy Percy” when referring to a saying which was coined by the populate to express dissatisfaction with some political undertakings. That is how I felt just trying to reset my password for this site. Anyway, my topic tonight bears on the tragedy impacting young families and some suggestions for overcoming some of the maladies. When I refer to families going through difficulties, I think that children born or unborn are experiencing some tragedies not often heard of with such regularity.

One news item over the past few days relate to a woman who was killed by her spouse while pregnant. He fled the scene and then made several comments on social media regarding the event. He is now in police custody and awaiting other processes. Now how can we help adolescents and children to realize danger signs in their environment? That is the big question especially where children are concerned. They are often taught to go tell someone if they think that they are in danger. But how do children make such value judgments when they do not comprehend fully that something is going wrong? Firstly, adults who are in charge can explain to children some danger signs to look for. Role plays can be enacted in families and children be socialized to call on responsible relatives who may be able to help them. What if there are no relatives around? Are there other trust worthy persons that children can trust? Hopefully yes, especially if they can find capable persons who will not abuse them or shun them when in need.

What about neighbors who are capable of helping? Are there police personnel on whom children can call? Hopefully, they can have a chance in getting help my calling out and making phone calls to people who can help them. Situations in many communities have made life very challenging for children, but thanks to some outstanding citizens including law enforcers, help can come in the nick of time. We have read about stories like these. For example, children are lost and fortunately for them strangers have come to their rescue. So called miracles do happen in this day and age.

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